I'm Brandon and I live in Minneapolis, MN. You'll typically find me exploring the intersection of design, geography, and sports. In other words, I like flags and maps.

During the weekday, I'm the Director of Product Management for PRX, working on PRX Dovetail and the website for The World from PRX.

I have written for PRI.org and City Pages (RIP). Follow me on Twitter.

Latest Designs:

  • Proposed skyway map for Minneapolis MN

    Minneapolis Skyway Map, latest version

  • Proposed flag design for MN

    Minnesota State Flag

  • Proposed flag design for Rochester MN

    The one that almost won, Rochester, MN City Flag

  • Minneapolis City Flag concept after George Floyd

    Minneapolis City Flag concept after George Floyd


  • Proposed new flag for Minneapolis by Brandon Hundt

    After George Floyd, we need a new Minneapolis Flag

  • Flag of Rochester, MN

    10 Minnesota city flags, ranked from worst to absolute worst (and one that's alright)

  • Minneapolis Skyway

    Minneapolis' love/hate relationship with the skyway, and how to make it suck a lot less (City Pages Version)

  • Minneapolis Skyway

    The love/hate relationship of Minneapolis to its Skyway. Part 1 of the Minneapolis Skyway redesign.

  • Minneapolis skyway map

    Make the skyway map great for the first time. Part 2 of the Minneapolis Skyway redesign project.

  • Minneapolis proposed skyway signage

    Better signage for the Skyway. Part 3 of the Minneapolis Skyway redesign.

  • firehose of news sources

    Advice on how to be a well informed news consumer

  • New Zealand flag finalists

    Lessons from New Zealand’s disappointing (and now complete) flag referendum

  • Homemade Minnesota flag

    The latest design for a new Minnesota flag is inspired by l'etoile du nord

  • New Zealand new flag finalists

    It's down to four. A New Zealand panel unveils alternate flag options, to a largely negative reaction.

  • New Zealand new proposed flag

    New Zealand is set to fly a new flag. Check out some of the proposals.

  • State flags with Minnesota proposed flag

    Adventures in vexillology - a new flag for Minnesota

  • Proposals for new Minneapolis flag

    Adventures in vexillology - a new flag for Minneapolis

  • Sepp Blatter

    Fix FIFA by electing me as its next President

  • My truck after it was hit

    Life as a parked loaner - a memorial to my first vehicle

  • World Cup soccer stadium

    How to remove bribery from FIFA's World Cup selection process

  • Flags at Olympics Opening Ceremony

    Adventures in Vexillology Mailbag: The World's Worst and Most Disappointing Flags

  • Illustrated map of the North Atlantic

    The hypocrisy between a country's political philosophy and how its sports leagues are run

  • Metrodome with illustrated text

    Looking to rugby for an answer to the pointless extra point

  • Collage of lottery balls and a soccer pitch

    How to get rid of the ping pong balls: An alternative to the World Cup Draw

  • College football game

    How to have a NCAA Champion without Computers, Polls, or Committees

  • NFL penalty flag

    Play 60 Not 200: Proposed NFL Rule Changes for Picking up the Pace

  • gun and bullets

    Ending the Cycle of Violence

  • collage of a calendar overlaying a soccer pitch

    A Proposal for a Unified Soccer Schedule

  • Flags at London Olympics Opening Ceremony

    Adventures in Vexillology: The Top 10 Best Designed Flags

  • Gymnasts

    Gymnastics is Hard (to Watch)

  • Metrodome in black and white

    How to Keep the Vikings in Minnesota without State Financing

  • Me with my kid

    Unnecessary Book Review: Baby Touch and Feel Animals

  • Pau Gasol playing for Spain

    The World Basketball Cup: A Tournament to Save the NBA

  • Marching band performing at halftime

    Redrawing NCAA College Football: The End of the Amateur Ideal

  • Wall of license plates

    Ranking the Best and Worst License Plates

  • Map of USA with different collage patterns

    United States in Texture Wallpaper

  • Bump road sign

    Bumps, Supermarket Sweeps, and Musicians: Three Simple Ways to Improve Society

  • Soccer stadium

    A Few Alternatives to Penalty Kicks

  • USA basketball team with their states listed on jerseys.

    The Right for States to Compete Against Each Other

  • Puzzle of US States

    Why Not? My Quest to Realign the 50 States

  • Ushering in a New Era of Soccer

  • 9 of clubs

    The Card Game War is Lacking, Try Sporadic Missile Fire Instead

  • PART 2: Better Basketball: Professional Club Teams.

  • PART 1: Saving American Basketball.

  • Trivia with a Twist or Two (TWTOT)

  • If I were NBA Commissioner…